by Hayley Wrubel

MFE awards the Grand Award to Madrone Apartments for Best Apartment Renovation. 

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Madrone apartments is an existing development built in the 1960’s. The project envisions replacing 50 of the existing apartments with 144 new dwelling units. The new buildings would be two and three stories in height over a single level basement garage. The new development will feature two large landscaped courtyards, a generous setback from the adjacent streets, as well as pedestrian connections to the sidewalk and to the existing apartments. The new buildings are designed to harmonize with the existing structures through consistency of materials, colors and roof slope. However, the architecture achieves a more dynamic and contemporary approach, through the use of larger windows, two story balcony wall elements, porches, stoops, awnings and trellises. The proposed project will be green point rated, and features a number of sustainable elements including enhanced solar control, reduced water usage, and re-use of demolition debris.